Taiwan-Cambodia Medicine, Humanities, Science and Technology Innovation Center

This project evolves from various international collaborative projects conducted over time by the Project Director, Ministry of Science & Technology, and Ministry of Health. With the joint efforts of Cambodia’s business, government, academia and research communities, Taiwan’s experience is to be completely transplanted and built into Cambodia’s jump-leap development fabric in the medical and health infrastructure. It will include Taiwan’s smart health total-solution system in the post-pandemic era, with measures to provide teaching, services, R&D, medicine, and medical equipment. It will pave way for Cambodia’s future medicare system by establishing Taiwan’s overseas demo site for long-distance medicare and smart health system. Furthermore, it will become a competitive and synergetic international reserve center.


First Year

This 3-year project is to be launched in the first year by establishing a telemedicine and smart health service system in Cambodia with a chain of pharmacy, clinic, hospital, test lab, and facilities. Thereby, the center will serve as a prototype for supporting other countries.

Second Year

In the second year, a roadmap will be charted in collaboration with Cambodian universities for e-learning and comprehensive clinical human resources training in hospitals.

Third Year

In the third year, an information clearinghouse will be established for HL-7 smart management system of clinical ethics and clinical information exchange. In addition, a cross-border clinical research platform will be proposed, with 3 international R&D proposals to help Taiwan’s export business, to establish a Cambodia smart health and living lab with the Phnom Penh as the medical center, and to implement a business model for user participation in services in the framework of shared economy.

Expected Research Contribution

To integrate resources between Pingtung Christian Hospital, Healthy Asia Co., Ltd, Academia Formosanica Co., Ltd and Ministry of Health, Cambodia to set up the Taiwan-Cambodia Medicine, Humanities, Science and Technology Innovation Center and to plan five main functional sections.
To build supply chain for Taiwan medical devices, medicines, dental materials and assistive devices; to assist manufacturers and partners to apply for Cambodian medical certificate exporting to Phnom Penh as well as promoting through educational training.
The center inducts integrated telemedicine devices, physiologic monitoring devices, smart sport facilities and cloud management platform, as well as setting up fine operating model and services procedures. Cooperated clinics or teaching hospital will be inducted after the second year.
To design personal medicine pack program that covers health management platform, personal health monitoring devices, standing medicines in collocating with consultation with medical personnel, home-visit and telemedicine service etc.
To co-plan and establish international E-learning teaching platform in collaboration with Chenla Universitiy of Cambodia, featuring “learning by doing”, ranging from acute to long term care, as well as linking artificial intelligent of nursing personnel training program.
To participate in planning for teaching hospital; to build an integrated clinical medical personnel blueprint.
To build multi-language website that covers research development, cooperated team emergence and academia-industry business promotion.
To build tracking service mechanism for high-end patient who is referred to Taiwan for treatment after they return to their country by inducting smart technology.
To promote Cambodian demonstration site to Indonesia sub center, Khanh Hoa Vietnam sub center, and having experience exchange with Thailand head center.
To guide Taiwan related institutions to propose (apply for) international science research plan on three academia-industry outputs.