In continuation to the past implementation result of Taiwan-Thailand Medicine, Humanities, Science and Technology Development Center, Taiwan-Cambodia Medicine, Humanities, Science and Technology Innovation Center is established within Academia Formosania Co., Ltd.’s headquarter in Phnom Penh, whereas each sub centers in respective countries consent to provide support to Cambodia. The Center cooperated with local partners including Hemodialysis Center established by Pingtung Christian Hospital, Khema International Polyclinics, and Chenla University of Cambodia. This year, the center has readily set up telemedical devices and intelligent rehabilitation devices which will be localized; the center trains local professional personnel, builds medical devices and medicine supply chain, finalizes the preliminary plan for small-scale smart clinic, as well as setting up fine service and referral procedures. During pandemic, we build Taipei research and development demonstration site and integrate the resources of local manufacturers and partners as well as medical hospitals in respective sectors, build demonstration centers of different attributes located at various places including Zhongcin community neighborhood, Pingtung area (covering Sandimen, Wutai and other mountain area tribes), Penghu and other areas. In the future, the result of these various demonstration sites will be outputting complete set to Cambodia, at the same time, the smart hospital Version 2.0 embarks. When the pandemic situation slows down, each sub centers will be invited to visit Cambodia for an observation and experience exchanging that allows Cambodian experience expanding to other countries.